Discover the endless cruising possibilities and adventures that await you in arguably the best boating waters in the world.

About Northwest Cruising

Welcome to the NW Cruising website, brought to you by the Grow Boating Committee of the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association.

We have endeavored to pack this site with a wealth of information of use to anyone interested in enjoying recreational boating in the Pacific NW. You will find everything from descriptions of our varied cruising areas, with sample itineraries, to some insider’s tips for choosing and purchasing a boat.

Perhaps you’re a veteran NW Cruiser. If so, we are confident you will find information here that will inspire you to try some new experiences or remind you of too-long-neglected destinations and activities that it’s time to once again enjoy.

Perhaps you’re an experienced boater just now relocating to the Pacific NW. (Congratulations!) You will find our site a comprehensive resource addressing all aspects of pleasure cruising on our regional waters. From recommended destinations, to advice for transiting the Chittenden Locks, to updated lists of fuel docks and pumpouts; our goal is to have 1001 excellent answers for the 1000 excellent questions most likely to concern new boaters to the Pacific NW.

Perhaps you are at the beginning stages of your life’s boating adventure- still in the thinking, planning, wishing, and dreaming stages that typically precede the purchase of a first boat. You will be more initially interested in choosing the right vessel to purchase or charter, and you will find information on our site to help you navigate through what might otherwise seem a mysterious process. We will provide tips for choosing and working with a yacht broker, basic considerations when evaluating personal needs and preferences in a boat, and even some basic references to the more important periodic maintenance needed to keep a boat in safe and seaworthy condition.

So, once again, welcome to our web site. It’s our hope and our intent that you will find this site both useful and entertaining. If you have as much fun visiting and browsing here as we have had preparing the material, you’ll be reminded (or appreciate a foretaste), of the incredible joy associated with boating and cruising in the Pacific NW.