In NW Puget Sound, contemporary boaters get a chance to experience boating as our parents and grandparents enjoyed it as the environment hasn’t changed dramatically over the years.

Cruise Your Own Adventure
In NW Puget Sound

While other portions of our NW Cruising waters wash up against urban shorelines and extensive residential development, the region between Point No Point and Point Wilson is comparatively undeveloped. Cruising into areas on the west side of Admiralty Inlet, or Hood Canal, isn’t merely a journey of several miles by boat- it’s a delightful baby step back in time. Forests of trees, rather than of condominiums, line this reasonably sheltered boaters’ cornucopia. A boater going ashore to reprovision is more likely to return with two quarts of wild blackberries or carrots from a roadside stand than with a frozen pizza from mega-grocery.

The NW Sound is not a long cruise from to the largest population centers, and there are certainly state parks, marinas, resorts, and other amenities for visiting boaters. Almost everyone will enjoy a visit to the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, still stuck in the 1800′s in a number of charming aspects. The docks, marinas, and parks aside, there remains a very relaxed atmosphere in the region. Not only will a NW Cruiser be “getting away from it all” (or at least away from a lot of it) in NW Puget Sound, the area always seems far more remote from the major cities in a cultural sense than it is in geographic reality.

In NW Puget Sound, contemporary boaters get a chance to experience boating as our parents and grandparents enjoyed it. Although we often outfit our boats with computers, electronics, and elaborate systems undreamed of ten or twenty years ago; when we cruise to NW Puget Sound we are encounter an environment that hasn’t changed dramatically in over fifty years. We are reminded that it is what we encounter and experience beyond our personal decks and gunwales that makes NW cruising a special experience, far more than the gear and gadgets we stow aboard.

Admiralty inlet is the “back door” to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Take a whiff of the sweet salt air on a cool summer morning. Note an undertone of pine sap and kelp drying on a gravel beach. Remember adventures past, and dream of those to come while cruising an adventure of your own in NW Puget Sound.