Sea, shore, fields and forests are found in close proximity, and each environment supports a variety of species.

Basic Birding for Boaters

Hundreds of bird species can be seen on the waters and shorelines of the Pacific NW. We have many areas where woods, fields, towns, farms, freshwater lakes and streams and salt water beaches are close together. Each environment supports a different group of birds. Some species live here all year, while some migrants are only seen in the Pacific NW during the summer or winter.

Bird lovers can spend a lifetime attempting to sight or photograph some of the more unusual types and variations. Most boaters will be casually concerned with identifying the birds they will see in large numbers while cruising in local waters or taking a hike on a beach or through a state park.

The following chart will describe the birds most commonly seen near water and on our local shorelines and islands.

Detailed descriptions of each bird on the chart, as well as all other birds commonly or rarely seen in the Pacific NW, are available at Seattle Audubon