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Rendezvous Around the NW

Posted: March 15, 2011 | |

March 3, 2011

For many NW cruisers, an annual rendezvous is among the highlights on the cruising calendar. Most rendezvous are organized by clubs, associations, or boat dealers. A successful rendezvous will attract people with a common interest; and that might be anything from restoring classic wooden yachts to ownership of a specific brand of boat.

Rendezvous organizers typically reserve a series of adjoining slips in a suitable marina. One specific vessel, or perhaps an appropriate tent, will usually serve as rendezvous headquarters. “Open Boat” tours are popular, with participants invited to tour through other boats on the rendezvous dock. Groups gathered by common brand ownership especially enjoy comparing layout, decorating, and equipment choices.

Rendezvous programs often include an informative speaker or two. Dealer-sponsored events might have examples of the latest models on hand, and it is not unusual for a factory representative to attend to field product questions. As part of an effort to constantly refine and improve their products, many manufacturers pay careful attention to the comments and suggestions offered by current owners attending rendezvous.

A rendezvous isn’t primarily seminars and discussions, however. Boaters attending a rendezvous plan to enjoy a fabulously fun time, and do. Potluck meals, evening “happy hours”, friendly card games, shopping excursions, or just casual conversation among old or newly-found friends create memories that will endure until the next year’s eagerly anticipated event.

If you club or association is planning a rendezvous, NW Cruising will be pleased to add your event to our rendezvous calendar.

Rendezvous Announcements:

 Hunter Owner’s Rendezvous,  August 5-7, 2011, Port Ludlow

Contact Marine Servicenter, 206-323-2495 or

 Juneau Owner’s Rendezvous, June 10-12, 2011, Poets Cove (South Pender Island)

Contact Marine Servicenter, 206-323-2495 or

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